Anti Inflammatory action of Absogen® against Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune inflammatory condition which is
mainly caused by imbalance between inflammatory and regulatory functions of
immune system, characterized by highly inflammatory microenvironment in
synovial fluid. RA also has higher infiltration of auto-reactive T Cells which
helps in progression of diseases by creating the signature inflammatory
environment. Given that the T lymphocytes plays an important role in
progression of disease, we have analyzed the effect of given supplement Absogen on the growth/proliferation of lymphocytes as well percentage of CD4+ and CD8+
T lymphocytes as a pilot study. The whole study gave us the basic idea that
Absogen inhibits the overall proliferation and decreases the percentage of
CD4+ T CELLS without affecting CD8+ T cells. Following results were
obtained from the experimental design -

1. One of the important signature of T cell activation in normal and
diseases system is their rapid proliferation. At the level of
proliferation of immune cells we found the Absogen successfully
increases the rate of proliferation in immune cells isolated from
patient samples without affecting the rate of proliferation of immune cells isolated from normal individuals. The data clearly
indicates that Absogen is able to do immunomodulation in immune
cells of RA patients at cell division/proliferation level which is a
good sign because if we can prove that this inhibition is occurring
in specific population of regulatory T cells (Inhibitory Cells) then it
can directly be correlated that Absogen can calm down the
autoimmune T cells in RA patients which will bring the great
therapeutic potential to this supplement.

2. The percentage presence of CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells was
not affected with the treatment of mixture while it decreases the
percentage of CD4+ T cells. Decrease in CD4+ T cells is very
significant as the inflammatory T cells related to arthritis
progression falls under the CD4+ T cell class. CD4+ T cells also
contain a specific subset called RORgammaT+ Th17, cells which
are major inflammatory players in the pathogenesis and
progression of RA. It is a very good observation that when RA
patient’s peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were treated
with Absogen, both CD4+T cell percentage and RORgammaT
protein went down, which is an absolute indicator that Absogen is
able to decrease the inflammatory phenotype of T cells in immune


This was a pilot study which clearly emphasized the fact that Absogen is a good
immunomodulatory supplement which can modulate both proliferation and activation
of T cells from RA patients without affecting T cells from normal individuals.
Further experiments should be done to concrete this preliminary data with higher number of samples and with specific subsets of T cells (Specially Tregs-
Th17 axis) because it is having huge potential of therapeutic use in RA as well as in other diseases where immunomodulation is the key issue.


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