Anti Oxidant & Anti Inflammatory action of Absogen® against Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis (OA), the most disabling arthritic affection, is characterized by progressive loss of hyaline cartilage, osteophyte formation and sub-chondral sclerosis. It is definitely one major issue in public health due to a wide proportion of the affected population, the duration of evolution and the lack of treatment. Pain, reduced joint function and difficulty to carry out daily activities are the important consequences, making OA as a social burden.

The principal objective of the present work is to explore anti-arthritis potential of Absogen® - Activiz® - Oronerv®  combination and thereby to set preliminary evidence for the same to support its clinical use in arthritis treatment. To achieve this, the present work is focussed on three critical events of OA pathology – inflammation, oxidative stress and cartilage metabolism.



The Absogen® - Activiz® - Oronerv® combination showed an excellent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect for the selected concentrations that was studied on OA specific cell model. Further, it also exhibited promising chondro-protective potential for the selected higher concentration of the combination. In the other words, while addressing the three pivotal pathologies of OA, we saw encouraging results in case of Absogen-Activiz-Oronerv combination. Nonetheless, evaluation of these effects using critical imaging diagnostic tools and clinical parameters will ascertain Absogen-Activiz-Oronerv combination potential as anti-arthritis agent in real means.


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